The RaceKeep Story

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RaceKeep is here to help athletic enthusiasts, like you, discover the best races across the country.

Love for Racing

Let us explain why you're going to love RaceKeep. You might just be getting into running and poking around local races, or perhaps you're a professional triathlete looking to dial in your race calendar for next year. We know you share a love for the outdoors and adventure, as well as, perhaps, an enthusiasm for health and fitness. You landed on RaceKeep to find and discover races, to learn more about them, possibly to keep and save races, and to engage with their social streams or communicate directly with their directors. Hopefully you are here because you want to be and because you enjoy sport, volunteering, or helping others reach their potential.

Or perhaps you’re just frustrated with existing solutions and want to find some great upcoming races, but you often get lost in a sea of broken websites, unorganized information, and no good place to keep those races that interest you. We had the same problem. We needed a quick way to search for and learn about various upcoming races in our area and places we were traveling. We wanted to save these races in a calendar and share those races with our friends and family. We wanted to chat with others about those races and learn about any updates that happened to those races. We created RaceKeep to provide a platform for US the racers to do those vary things.

It's a Team Effort

RaceKeep is a TEAM effort. We want to be better, to be stronger, to be faster. We want to be helpful and to be needed. We want to be the best at what we do. But we cannot do it without you. We truly NEED you on our team. Use RaceKeep, provide us with feedback, talk to race owners, chat to others, share races, and spread the word. The more you use RaceKeep, the stronger we get.

Our goal is simple: Provide our users with an experience that leaves you exceptionally satisfied, completely content, and (hopefully) happy! We NEED you and your feedback to keep pushing, to keep striving, and to keep moving forward.

Our Growing Team

With over seven full-time employees, Racekeep is striving to provide a fun and engaging environment for our employees. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Founder | Brent Cappello

Lifelong Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Designer and Athletic Junky. Brent's current top endurance accomplishment is 11:29 at Ironman Arizona and he is currently training for his third Phoenix Marathon. Passions include Family, Endurance Sports, Technology and the Tropics.

We simply want to provide you with a service of worth and interest, something that offers value to all of us. Again, we hope you find RaceKeep useful for your needs, and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Get in touch, we want to hear from you!

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